What We Do

Person with Disabilities Rights Promotion and Advocacy

Promoting and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities is one of the defining factors for the establishment of ELDA. Thus, evidence-based advocacy, legal Research and policy engagement at local level is one of the strategic focus areas to influence and hold duty bearers accountable for inclusive policies and services. To this effect, ELDA shall collaborate with government, civil society and private sector (including media) in the process of integrating disability issues in their programs. Strategic partnerships and network with other like-minded stakeholders to achieve its mandates is the pillar for its work, hence, ELDA intends to strengthen its relationship with its current partners as well as explore new areas of engagement with other potential partners.

Free legal Aid Provision and Strategic Litigation

Defending individual and collective rights of PWDs is the core purpose of ELDA. To this effect, ELDA will provide routine legal consultation and representation for individuals through face-to-face and hotline. It will ensure its services are of high quality and based on standard service delivery protocols. ELDA envisions beyond individual cases and it will expand its plan and protocol for strategic litigation by prioritizing entry points, partnerships and building the capacity of its members to defend high impact cases.

Membership and organization Development

This is important aspect of ELDAs Plan as the success of the other activities rest upon the success of ELDA’s institutional development. The organization will enhance its institutional capacity in areas of organizational governance, membership engagement, resource mobilization and coordination; and human resources development. ELDA stands to promote the rights and improve the conditions of its members in all spheres of life. To this effect, ELDA will undertake activities from building the database of its members and empowering them through capacity building and improving their access to professional development opportunities.

ELDA is the first-ever professional association of persons with disabilities. initiated by legal professionals with disability.

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